fresh and floral fragrance
So Fly
So Fly
So Fly

So Fly

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Size: 10 ML

Gender: Feminine


  • Festive
  • Noteworthy
  • Thought-Provoking
  • Attractive


  • Out and about
  • No worries kind of a day
  • Free spirit

This fresh and floral fragrance is the definition of a unique sweet and spicy scent. With notes of cashmere wood, mandarin, raspberry, peach, sandalwood, and jasmine, wherever you go to, you will feel so fresh and fly.

The scent notes consist of plum, Anise, Mandarin Orange shoots, raspberry, peach, basil, plum and bergamot, perfectly combined with orchid, jasmine, azafrin, sun serpent, lily of the valley, rosemary, cashmere wood, smell flowers Mandarin, Honey, magnolia, carnation, rosemary, gardenia, and enriched with warm sandalwood, sensual musk, amber, honey, Mandarin, Leather, plum, Tonka, patchouli, flannel, oakmoss, oakmoss, cedar and alabhar wood