The xscentric man

The xscentric man

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Size: 10ML

Gender: Masculine


  • Influential
  • Distinguish
  • Stimulating
  • Vociferous
  • Enthralling


  • Dress to impress
  • Wedding social events

A unique mix of charm and playfulness that is brimming with sensuality and intoxicating to command authority and manliness.

A scent unveiled with an intoxicating and harmonious blend of artemisia, berry, hyssop, basil, bergamot tulip musk glaciers glacial basil and ylang-ylang, berry. It eases into a heart of  jasmine, ores, coriander, honey, pine trees, Brazilian roses, lily of the valley and flowers and gradually transforms into a thrilling blend of smoky sweet smelling aromatic patchouli grass, sandalwood, tonka beans, musk, amber, aromatic oaks, cedarwood, tobacco vanilla, peach, jasmine, oakmoss, India and lord, tobacco and musk

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