About Us



When exciting the senses is your business, curiosity is a competitive advantage. We love to explore this curiosity because we are obsessed with scents. Call us hobbyist or enthusiasts; Our obsession for scents has turned us into experts.

Our founder whose obsession for scents began early in his teenage is knowledgeable on matters of scents and fragrance. As he always says, and we quote “Nothing brings forth, and speaks loud about your personality then your scent would”. Stemming from this belief and quote, we developed different fragrances that speak volume about your personality. Fact is, for every need be it an event, an occasion or even your homes we are well versed with the right fragrance. with our great taste, we will help you choose the right scent that perfectly fits. Having understood this concept, our strength comes from the understanding of when, how, and where our customers use each fragrance.


Through our willingness to be pioneers and as firm believers of quality products and customer service, our products stand out to be amongst the best in the industry. We find and use top ingredients purchased from one of the best oil perfumeries in Egypt.

We advocate that everyone should have an experience of our products and service. In addition, each of our products is marked at affordable prices.


Our focus on perfume products is based on oil perfume and home fragrance oil. For each category, we built a brand made up of a collection of perfumes.


Bedoui Scent oil Perfume

Our Bedoui Scent has aromas that are distinctive and unique. Elegance with eccentricity is the true defining term for this brand. It is a collection made up of aromatic scents given the special ingredients we used in developing it. With our experience abounding from the dawn of ages, this brand’s scent is developed from our love for the smell of green and its associated evergreen freshness.

We created 16 types of oil perfumes that can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Smoky, spicy and woody yet sweet and elegant
  2. Fresh, fruity and upbeat
  3. Feminine and floral

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Xscentric home fragrance:

Xscentric home fragrance:

In our homes, we can't help but be obsessed with obtaining long lasting aroma and an amazing household look. Our priority for home fragrances is to match each home owner’s personality with befitting fragrance. Unique and eccentric, our line of home fragrances will ensure that your household turns out to be truly a sweet home. To satisfy every home and every personality, we created 10 different fragrances for you to choose from.

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Our Mission and Philosophy


Introducing the best oil fragrances from the old world to the modern world in a new light.


   Promoting the health of individual moods through unique scents experience.


   Educating the society on the amazing benefits of Fragrance oil and its effectiveness on proper use.


   Enhancing individuality and persona through the choice of the right scent for the right personality and the right event.


  Proving that to enjoy beautiful perfumes does not require having to spend hundreds of dollars. 


Our Vision and Goals

Our vision is to inspire a life of beauty and culture with its unique values. This is the basis for our goal of achieving a sustainable society that makes people happy through beauty. As such, we develop the best fragrances so as to be a worldwide household brand. Through building and sustaining fine fragrance, we will introduce serenity, excite, inspire and soothe the human spirit. Providing unique domestic understanding and common knowledge of perfume by educating the masses about these fragrances.