Rose garden - Oil Perfume

Rose garden

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Size: 10 Ml

Gender: Feminine 


  • Desire
  • Captivity
  • Stimulating
  • Class
  • Composed
  • seductive


  • Intimate 
  • Show maker 

Bring the many pleasures of sun, joy, flirting, love, and happiness to the skin with a scent like a thousand roses. A naturally aphrodisiac scent that flocks people around you with its sweet lovely scent

First a crispy touch of soft roses and orange blossom, Acidic phobia burst awakens the senses with its achingly elegant nonchalance note. And the heart is all relaxing and peppery with spices, rose, and lily of the valley and flowers. Sweet vanilla chutney gives a base that is as smooth and comforting as warm skin, as elegant as opera and as long and lasting as true love.